Swim Headband ~ Ear Protection Band

for Adults and Kids – Keep Earplugs in



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This item: Swim Headband ~ Ear Protection Band
Size Chart
Size of band Head Size Fit Range*
Small 14"-16.5" (35cm - 42cm)
Medium 16.5"-18.5" (42cm - 47cm)
Large 18.5"-23" (47cm - 58cm)

*to measure correctly, place a string or tape around your head just below your ear, across the top of the forehead, completely circling your head.

  • ✓ SUPERIOR DESIGN ~ This swimming headband assists holding ear plugs in place during any kind of fun water activity. In addition, it helps keep earbuds in your ear so you can enjoy great music anywhere, keep ears warm during cold water and winter activities and keep hair out of your face
  • ✓ BETTER EAR PROTECTION ~ Helps prevent ruptured eardrums from falls in water while swimming, canoeing, surfing, kayaking, water skiing, wakeboarding or doing any other fun water activity. Use in combination with earplugs to block water from entering the ear canal. Perfect for ear tubes, perforated eardrums, myringotomy, myringotomy tubes
  • ✓ EXTRA BENEFITS ~ Quick drying neoprene material that makes cleaning easy. It also floats, so you will never lose it in water. Bright colors help wearer get spotted more easily while swimming in a pool or open water
  • ✓ LESS WORRIES ~ 12 Month Warranty
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I would recommend

My son just recently got tubes in his ears and we wanted extra protection in addition to the ear plugs, and this product was perfect! My son is one year old so he needs something that is tight and will stay in place during bath time, which is the case with this headband. I did have to get a medium, but he does have a bigger head. I would recommend this headband!
Review for Headband
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Great product for kids that had tubes put in

My daughter had tubes put in right before Memorial day, prime pool time. We bought this with the silicone ear plugs and it worked fantastic. Definitely recommend.

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