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Experience exceptional clarity and comfort with the DX Wide View Swimming Goggles. Our wide-view lens technology and advanced anti-fog coating ensure crystal-clear vision, while adjustable straps and a leak-proof seal provide a perfect fit

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The perfect blend of comfort, protection, and style. Made with high-quality spandex and a protective layer to shield your hair from the sun, pool chemicals and water damage

What Our Customers Say

Review for DX Goggles

This product was an excellent fit for my entire family!

As a contact lens wearer, finding suitable goggles is crucial, and these did not disappoint. The lenses were sufficiently wide, allowing me to maintain my peripheral vision, and the tinting was ideal for wearing them at the beach. I particularly appreciated the double strap at the back of the head, which provided superior coverage and support.

Nicole Bagdanov

Review for SX Goggles

This product is fantastic!

They were so great that someone at the gym decided to take mine. Luckily, they are affordable enough that I purchased another pair without hesitation. I highly recommend them. However, be sure not to leave them lying around in the locker room.


Review for PDX Swimming Goggles

These goggles were a perfect match for my needs as a triathlete.

I have a preference for goggles with a solid nose bridge, and these delivered exactly that. The vision was crystal clear, and the suction was strong, ensuring they remained in place throughout my Olympic triathlon ocean swim. I especially appreciated the single strap design. Not once did I experience any fogging or leakage, and they outperformed all of my previous goggles. The high-quality hard zipper case is also a bonus. I highly recommend these goggles to anyone, and I would not hesitate to share my positive experience with my friends.


Review for Kids Silicone Swimming Cap

This is an excellent product that effectively keeps both ears and hair dry.

I used it for my 2-year-old during his swim lessons, and his hair and ears remained remarkably dry. Before using this product, my child would often fall ill due to pool water in his ears, and he would even remove the earplugs, which was a safety hazard. This swim cap is a fantastic solution for toddlers and provides peace of mind for parents.


Review for Kids Headband

I highly recommend this product!

My son recently had tubes inserted in his ears, and we needed additional protection to go along with his earplugs. This headband was an ideal solution. Given that my son is only one year old, we required something that would stay securely in place during bath time, and this headband fit the bill perfectly. Although I needed to purchase a medium size due to my son's larger head size, the headband was still an excellent fit. Overall, I highly recommend this headband to other parents seeking ear protection for their young children.


Review for Adult Swimming Cap

This cap is simply fabulous!

The fabric used to make it is incredibly soft, and the fit is perfect. I did not experience any discomfort while wearing it. The packaging is also noteworthy, as it comes in a tube that can be repurposed. Overall, I cannot speak highly enough about this cap, as it exceeded my expectations in every way.


Review for SHOCK Protective Case

This case is incredibly sturdy, durable, and effectively protects my goggles!

It lives up to its promises by keeping my goggles safe and secure, even when I pack them in a compressed gym bag. The case is also designed to let out any moisture, preventing mold or mildew growth. Additionally, I appreciate the extra space provided to store swimming earplugs. Overall, this is an excellent product that does an exceptional job of safeguarding my goggles.


Review for JR Kids Swimming Goggles

These are fantastic goggles!

While I did not wear them personally, my 7-year-old daughter absolutely loves them. According to her, they are perfect! She finds them much more comfortable compared to the mask-style goggles she previously used. Based on my daughter's experience, I rated these goggles 5 out of 5 because if she is happy with them, they must be excellent.

Mr. R. Kennedy

Review for MJR Kids Swimming Goggles

These kids' goggles are simply the best!

I have tried several other goggles from various companies and stores, but none have been as effective as these. My boys, aged 6 and 5, have vastly different head sizes, yet these goggles work wonderfully for both of them. In the past, they would always have red, irritated eyes after swimming all day, but with these goggles, that is no longer an issue. The vision is crystal clear, the suction is strong, and they are comfortable to wear. Initially, I purchased only one pair to test them out, but once we received them and saw how well they worked, I immediately ordered a second pair. These goggles are a real lifesaver for children's eyes.

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