Our Story

Founded in 2015, AqtivAqua® is a premier swimming gear brand that was created out of a passion for living active, healthy lifestyles. Backed by a team of former athletes and sports enthusiasts, our swimming goggles, caps and accessories are designed with professional and competitive quality craftsmanship, but with youth and beginner swimmers in mind.

By providing customers with a wide range of only the very best products in our industry, including the latest designs and most advanced swim technologies, we’re giving people the opportunity to enjoy diving, snorkeling, competitive swimming, or just a great day at the beach with superior comfort and support.
AqtivAqua® products are carefully chosen based on a variety of important factors, including usability, dependability, safety and quality assurance, customer needs, and long-term use and reliability.

And whether you’re a parent looking to get their kids healthy and active over the summer, working towards your next competitive swimming level, or you just want the very best swim gear when you hit the beach this summer, we’ve got something for everyone.

When you need unmatched, high-quality swim goggles, caps or accessories, either for yourself, a team or your kids, choose AqtivAqua® and get the service, support and quality you trust with premier swim equipment.

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